The People of the Steampunk World

steampunk countriesNot long ago, I timidly stepped into the alternate world of Victorian Steam. My only thought was to become a mechanic; a primocoggler to be exact. However, what I have discovered has been superbly exhilarating beyond my wildest fantasies:


My preconceived idea of Steampunk was focused only on manufacturing the Victorian Steam style of garments, adornments, frippery, armaments, illuminations, creatures, and mobile contraptions.

However, what I have stumbled upon turns out to be more valuable than gold or silver, and that is my new “OLD” friends. It is like I have always had many trusted friends, I just hadn’t met them yet.

In astonishment, what I have learned is that I have comrades in many countries; all of whom are proper, respectful, talented, curious, and most of all, sharing warmhearted worldly folks.

I will press hard to earn the respect I have been granted and  take my proper place in this alternate society. With that said, many thanks to all of you who have, without question, accepted my hand in friendship.


Sir D’Augustus M. Crowpickle
Lord of the Dilly-Dally Realm
Son of the King of the Ardentsphere


About The Recycling Artist

From Spirit Lake, I travel Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho searching for JUNK. My hobby is recycling ordinary household trash into useful works of Steampunk art.
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