The Steampunk Recycling Artist

4351cf1b844c053947ae78e6fc358800ea133c5f.gifSteampunk Recycling Artist

Born and raised in the Spokane Valley, I now live in Spirit Lake and I spend my time roaming around Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho gathering up OTHER PEOPLE’S JUNK and recycling it into useful and sometimes tasteful pieces of steampunk art.

What I have learned about recycled art is that you need a ton of junk to make just one piece of acceptable art. Many recycled art works require multiple materials to be completed. For example, I have an idea for a wall lamp that will require recycled metal, wood, glass, leather and electrical parts and pieces to complete.

Visit the Steam Atomitorium Art Studio and see what is happening with all the junk I have collected so far.

About The Recycling Artist

From Spirit Lake, I travel Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho searching for JUNK. My hobby is recycling ordinary household trash into useful works of Steampunk art.
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