About DMC

D. Mike Caudill – Spokane Native
(The Steampunk Recycling Artist)


West Valley Eagle & Grandson Matt

RETIRED BUT BUSY. I travel around Spokane County and Northern Idaho in search of JUNK to recycle into useful and sometimes tasteful art. If nothing else, it keeps me off the couch and out of jail.

Hobbies? I spend a lot of time at yard and estate sales looking for treasures. I like to figure out how to re-purpose and recycle the stuff that I find. I have always been fascinated with recycled art, particularly Steampunk Art.

So, in my travels I am always on the lookout for YOUR JUNK. That’s right, although you may not know it, your junk will make some pretty cool stuff in the right hands. (We will find out if my hands are the right hands.)

Oh, by the way, don’t be confused when someone refers to me as Sir Crowpickle. It is a long story, but simply; I live in two co-existing worlds at the same time. In the world most of us are in I am D. Mike Caudill.

However, in my alternate world I am known as:

Sir D’Augustus M. Crowpickle
Lord of the Dilly-Dally Realm (The Spokane Valley, in your world)
Son of the King of The Ardentsphere
I am a Primocoggler and Gizmologist (Steampunk Mechanic)
I Live & Work at the Steam Atomitorium

It’s a long story how this came about, I will spare you the details. Just suffice it to say, that I scavenge for treasures in one world and work as a Steampunk Mechanic in the other transforming those materials into handheld weapons, headgear, walking sticks, illuminations, odd creatures, and jewelry.




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