Appliances Wanted

p1375705128The small appliances I am looking for can be in any quantity, any condition, missing parts, broken, working, not working, it does not matter. There are small metal parts and pieces inside all small appliances and many of those parts are an important ingredients used in multi-media steampunk art.

Every home has an assortment of small appliances. Blenders, mixers, toasters, waffle iron, coffee pots, grills, crock pots, popcorn poppers, juicers, can openers, electric knives, microwaves, clothes irons, hair dryers, hair curlers, electric tooth brushes, shavers, hair trimmers, vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners, etc.

At this time I do not recycle nonworking major appliances, but if you have large appliances, in good working order, and just want them gone, I can help you with those.

Donations are always appreciated, trades are always considered, and I will gladly pay a fair price if necessary to get what I need to complete art projects.

If you have materials for me to recycle, PM me via Facebook

The art pieces created at the Spokane Steam Atomitorium will be featured HERE