Glass Lenses Wanted

Still life with retro object.The glass lenses I am looking for can be in any quantity, any condition; complete broken, missing parts, missing pieces, it doesn’t matter. Glass lenses and/or round glass is one of the most important ingredients when used in multi-media steampunk art.

You will find lenses in flash lights, cameras, camera lenses, camera filters, eye glasses, magnifying glasses, telescopes, binoculars, monocles, microscopes, film projectors, overhead projectors, light fixtures, pocket watches, wrist watches, clocks, picture frames, gauges, compasses, stop watches, etc.

I am primarily interested in distressed items that can be taken apart and used in steampunk art. However, if you have antique and/or collectible pieces with lenses I would be interested, but my budget is limited on those types of items.

Donations are always appreciated, trades are always considered, and I will gladly pay a fair price, if necessary to get what I need to complete art projects.

If you have materials for me to recycle, PM me via Facebook

The art pieces created at the Spokane Steam Atomitorium will be featured HERE