Glass Wanted

old bottles

Glass Bottles, Vases, Glass Parts

The glass I am looking for can be old or new and can be found all over the home. Glass, in it’s many forms, is an important ingredients used in multi-media steampunk art, especially for the headgear: Eye Glasses, Googles and Gas Masks.

Many home decor items are made of glass such as wall hangings, lamps, chandelliers, candle holders, vases & bowls, bottles, etc. Then you have eye glasses, lenses of all kinds, marbles, watches, clocks, flashlights, etc. All these items have glass parts.

There are many jewelry necklaces, bracelets, anklets, rings and such which are made with glass beads and trinkets. All of these materials are on my hunt list. Also, light bulbs, small or large with unusual shapes and/or colors are considered a great find.

Donations are always appreciated, trades are always considered, and I will gladly pay for the rare and unusual glass pieces, if necessary, to get what I need to complete art projects.

If you have materials for me to recycle, PM me via Facebook

The art pieces created at the Spokane Steam Atomitorium will be featured HERE