My Social Media

Facebook D. Mike Caudill’s personal Facebook page.

Facebook The Spokane Steampunk Group is a public group of steampunk and local art enthusiasts and creators.

Pinterest Here you will find one of the most comprehensive and complete lists of steampunk art. Over 5,000 steampunk images sorted into categories.

Steampunk Recycling Artist Here you will find the list of JUNK materials I am looking for and my contact information. (The site you are on now.)

Steam Atomitorium My steampunk art blog site. All the artistic pieces created from the JUNK collected will be featured here.

Yelp Reviews As I travel throughout Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho searching for the right JUNK. I take the time to review the businesses that I frequent along the way.

Twitter Here I Tweet about steampunk art and events.

Tumbler Here I post links to my steampunk and metal recycling blogs.

Esty Online My “Favorites” steampunk collection of art pieces and supplies for sale.