Old Equipment Wanted


Typewriters, Adding Machines, Calculators, Check Writers

The old and/or obsolete equipment, machines, and tools I am looking for can be in any quantity, any condition, of no or little value, broken, missing parts, non-working, it does not matter. When disassembled, these pieces of mechanical history, in any condition, are a very important ingredient when used in multi-media steampunk art.

Almost everyone I meet has an old piece of the industrial age just sitting around collecting dust. What I am seeking are the old mechanical adding machines, check writing machines, cash registers, typewriters, sewing machines, washing machines, telephones, vacuum cleaners, film projectors, record players, etc.

I am not looking for antique or vintage pieces of equipment in tiptop shape and proper working order. These are considered antiques, they have a collectible value, and it would be  a shame if they were destroyed just to create other art pieces. If you have antiques that you want to sell, I would be interested, but my budget is limited.

Donations are always appreciated, trades are always considered, and I will gladly pay a fair price, if necessary, to get what I need to complete art projects.

If you have materials for me to recycle, PM me via Facebook

The art pieces created at the Spokane Steam Atomitorium will be featured HERE