Salvage List

dirtywhitetrashHere is a pretty complete list of all the JUNK I am looking for.

NOTE: These items can be in any condition: New, used, dirty, rusty, clean, warn, incomplete, ripped, stained, cracked, damaged, broken, missing parts, bent, working, not working, Etc.

1. Small metal parts and pieces: Springs, ink pens, mechanical pencils, handles, knobs, drawer pulls, door knobs, thimbles, thumbtacks, buttons, zippers, hair clips, fingernail clippers, can & bottle openers, bottle caps, lighters, rods, keys, tubes, pull tabs, screens, scissors, sewing needles, kitchen utensils, and flatware.

2. Items made of genuine leather: Natural leather pieces, hats, belts, purses, bags, vests, jackets, boots, shoe strings, string, rope, gloves. Also, leather working tools, materials, supplies.

3. Lens & optical: Watches, clocks, Eye glasses, flash lights, cameras, video cameras, binoculars, magnifying glasses, jeweler’s loops, goggles, scopes, telescope, rifle scope.

4. Coins or paper money: World coin and paper money, ordinary coins, rare coins, tokens, blanks, silver coins, gold coins, copper coins, toy money, Monopoly money.

5. Collectibles & antiques: Any small mostly metal collectible and antiques type items, in any condition. Old typewriters, sewing machines, adding machines, check write machines, tins, cigarette lighters, buttons, bottles, old telephones,

6. Jewelry & Cosmetics: Costume jewelry, antique jewelry, gold & silver jewelry, rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, earrings, body rings, toe rings, jewelry making parts, beads, chain, jewelry tools, cosmetic tools, and bottles.

7. Unique Glass & Stone: Unusual shaped bottles, colored glass bottles, door knobs, vases, marbles, round glass tubing, glass rods, glass bottle stoppers, crystals, polished rocks, agates,

8. Wood & lumber: Any pieces of round wood, square wood, finished or unfinished, old chairs, chests, boxes, unusually shaped pieces, dowels, plugs, picture frames, building blocks, children’s toys.

9. Hardware & fasteners: Any item designed to be a fastener, nuts, bolts, washers, nails, clips, brackets, corner brackets, paddle locks, latches, hooks, clamps,

10. Brass items & parts: Door knobs, Keys, lamps, candle holders, trays, platters, screws, tacks, nails, pipe, tubing.

11. Copper items & parts: Wire, tubing, plumbing fittings, electrical parts, kitchen utensils, fasteners.

12. Cast Iron & Stainless Steel: Frying pans, trivets, wall hangings.

13. Legal animal parts: Antlers, rabbit’s foot, teeth, claws, feathers, skulls, bones, shells, tails, furs.

14. Weapons & ammunition: Rifle and pistol parts, pieces, stocks, grips, bullets, bbs, shot, pellets, shells, casings. Pocket knives, knives, swords, martial arts weapons.

15. Electrical & Lighting: Table lamps, floor lamps, lamp parts, lamp cords, coil cords, light fixtures, lasers, wiring, LED lights, toggle switches, small motors, and electronic cord connectors, power cords, and thumbdrives.

16. Clothing & Apparel: Black or dark brown clothing, boots & shoes with eyelets, gloves, belts, hats, top hats, cowboy hats, felt hats, straw hats, vests, wallets, jeans.

17. Fabric & sheet goods: Black and dark brown fabric, felt, cork, craft paper, craft board.

18. Hand & power tools: Any metal or partially metal hand tools, bits, chucks, drill bits, saw blades, blades, metal power tools, equipment and parts.

19. Automotive parts: Any small metal parts, spark plugs, fuses, bulbs, fan belts, unused filters, dash knobs, engine bolts, u-joints, gas caps, window cranks, keys.

20. Sporting goods: Fishing poles, fishing reels, hooks, tackle, golf clubs, helmets, leather gloves, baseball bats, shoulder pads, snorkels, diving belts, tanks, gauges, goggles.

21. Musical Instruments: Horns, trombones, trumpets, flutes, guitars, fiddles, banjos, drums, symbols, pianos, parts and pieces.

*Any items I collect that are not used in an art projects are donated to local senior centers or recycled. I also collect clean usable coats which are donated to the homeless every winter.