Types of Recycling

dirtywhitetrashWe live in a highly consumptive society and with the luxury of having a TV in every room comes the responsibility of recycling the waste created by this way of living.

Most people consider recycling as sorting bottles, cans, and paper; but, it is way more than that. It is definitely surprising what can be recycled and how.

This blog is dedicated to the practice of determining what can be recycled, how it can be recycled and who will do the recycling. Here on this page will be a list of items that can be recycled for cash, as well.


Local Artists
The Recycling Artist (Artistic Recycling)
Steampunk Creations by K-9 (Artistic Recycling)
Art Salvage (Artist Supplies Recycling)

Precious Metal Recycling
Spokane Precious Metals (Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Copper, Brass, Cast Iron Recycling)

General Metal Recycling
Dickson Iron & Metal Recycling (Metal Recycling)
Action Recycling (Metals Recycling)
Pacific Steel & Recycling (Metal Recycling)

Specialized Recycling
Spokane Valley Recycle Techs (Computer Recycling)
L & S Tire Company (Tire Recycling)

Yard & Estate Sales
Spokane Yard Sale (Online Recycling)

Consignment Shops
Echo Boutique (Clothing, Jewelry Recycling)
Once Upon A Child (Children’s Clothing Recycling)
Plato’s Closet (Clothing Recycling)
The Reclothery (Clothing Recycling)

Nonprofits & Charities
List of Spokane County Thrifts

Auctions & Fundraisers
Owen’s Auction (Personal Property Recycling)
Reinland Auctions (Personal Property Recycling)
Spokane Public Auto Auctions (Automotive Recycling)
Instant Auctions (Personal Property Recycling)

Gardening & Household Recycling
Garden Recycling Ideas (Household Item Recycling Projects)
Compost Recycling Ideas (Yard & Food Waste Recycling)

Recycling Education
Spokane Recycling (Earth Friendly Recycling Tips & Information)
Facts About Recycling (What Everyone Should Know About Recycling)