Wood Wanted

Wooden Home Decor Pieces

Wooden Home Decor Pieces

The wooden pieces I am looking for can be old or new and can be found all over the home. Wood, in it’s many forms, is an important ingredients used in multi-media steampunk art. It is light weight and can be easily shaped, and it can be stained or painted.

Many home decor items are made of wood such as wall hangings, lamps, bric-a-brac, knicnacks, jewelry boxes, plaques, candle holders, vases & bowls, kitchen utencils, broom handles, tool handles, etc. Then you also have wooden craft parts and pieces such as dowels, trim and framing materials. Also many furniture pieces are made of wood and can be recycled into art.

When it comes to wooden items, I will haul away for free just about anything you have that is made of real wood. That includes any milled dimesional lumber, wooden sheet goods and firewood.

Donations are always appreciated, trades are always considered, and I will gladly pay for the rare and unusual wooden pieces, if necessary, to get what I need to complete art projects.

If you have materials for me to recycle, PM me via Facebook

The art pieces created at the Spokane Steam Atomitorium will be featured HERE